INSOL India 1st Online Quiz

IBC & Beyond - Participate, Explore & Assess

28 October, 2023 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM


INSOL India is an independent leadership body representing professionals specializing in restructuring, insolvency, turnaround and related areas. Established in 1997, INSOL India has completed 25 years as thought leader in the stressed assets ecosystem. The organization went through a major restructuring in June 2016 just after the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 was enacted. Its vision, mission and goals were re-chalked. With a new governing structure, and membership criteria redefined to widen the horizon of insolvency practice in the country, INSOL India is well positioned as a thought leader. Its Special Interest Group (SIG 24) is one of a kind in playing a very proactive role in establishing a robust insolvency regime.
To promote awareness and understanding of the IBC among various stakeholders (Indian citizens) across the country, the INSOL India has launched this online Quiz.
  Terms and Conditions:

The Quiz shall be open on the INSOL India portal for one day, on 28 October, 2023.

The Quiz is open to Indian citizens aged 18 years and above as on 28 October, 2023. We encourage all Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, GIP students, Academics, Bankers, Valuers and other related insolvency professionals to participate in the Quiz. A participant is required to self-certify that he/she is eligible to take the Quiz and also that he/she abides by these terms and conditions. INSOL India membership is not mandatory for taking the Quiz.
Participants interested in taking the Quiz should register on the INSOL India portal before 28 October 2023. For registration, the participant is required to submit a valid mobile number and a valid e-mail ID. The same mobile number or e- mail ID cannot be used twice for registration. This means that a participant can participate in the Quiz only once. In case of same mobile number/email id being used multiple times, only the first entry will be considered eligible and the remaining entries will be eliminated.
The Quiz shall be available in English language. The Quiz will have 45 (Forty Five) multiple choice questions, each carrying one mark. A participant will get 45 (Forty Five) minutes to complete the Quiz. There will be no negative marking.
Any kind of malpractice, such as, impersonation, double participation, etc., will render the participation of the individual null and void.
  • The top 20 scorers shall be recognized on the INSOL India website and awarded a ‘Certificate of Merit’ by INSOL India.
  • A cash prize of INR 10,000 each will be available for the top 5 scorers.
  • 2 students with the best score(s) will be offered a two month internship with INSOL India, with a stipend of INR 8000 per month.
After the closure of the Quiz, and prior to the announcement of the results, the winners will be required to provide their identity details. Non-submission of these details will render their participation null and void and the next best performer will be chosen accordingly.
In case of any dispute, the decision of the President, INSOL India shall be final.

Performance in the Quiz will be evaluated based on “Maximum Correct Answers in the Shortest Time”. For example, if more than 20 individuals secure full marks, they will be ranked on the basis of the time taken to complete the Quiz, as electronically determined. The individual, who has completed the Quiz at the earliest shall be considered the best performer.
By participating in the Quiz, the participant agrees to have read and accepted the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

The Quiz shall be open/ go live on 28th October, 2023 at 09:00am hours and can be taken by the participants at any time after 09.00 am hours till 06:00pm hours.
However, once the participant logs in to take the Quiz, they will be expected to complete the Quiz within 45 minutes.

We would like to express our gratitude to J. Sagar & Associates and Trilegal, both SIG 24 Member firms, for their support!

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