SIPI Insolvency Best Practices Task Force

SIPI has set up a Task Force on Insolvency Best Practices. The idea is that by designing this set of Best Practices the general quality of Insolvency Professionals would improve and the mutual trust between as well as the trust in the Insolvency Professionals work by the general public would be enhanced. Consequently Insolvency Professionals would be able to work more efficiently, which once again would enhance the trust in the insolvency profession on the market.

The recommendations of the Task Force will be reviewed by a Joint Committee of SIPI, INSOL India and ASSOCHAM. Draft Guidelines will be placed in public domain for comments. Stakeholder consultation will be held. These will then be finalised and endorsed by the Board of SIPI, INSOL India and ASSOCHAM.

The members of the Task Force are:

  • Pulkit Gupta, Ernst & Young, LLP (Chairman)
  • Abhishek Anand, Partner, Kesar Dass B. & Associates (Convenor)
  • Suharsh Sinha, AZB Partners
  • Sagar S Shankar, Financial Sector & Access to Credit, International Finance Corporation, The World Bank Group, New Delhi
  • Dr. Risham Garg, Assistant Professor of Law & Director, Center for Transnational Commercial Law, National Law University Delhi
  • Debanshu Mukherjee, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy
  • Shreya , Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy
  • Alka Kapoor, CEO, Designate, ICSI IPA
  • Lakshmi Arun, ICSI IPA
  • Dr. V.K. Singh, Associate Professor & Head, School of Corporate Law Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Plot No. 6-8, Sector 5, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon (Haryana 122051)
  • Navneet Gupta, Chartered Accountant
  • Chandan Kumar, ASSOCHAM
  • Harsh Doshi, Risiko Consulting
  • Dr. Vaneeta Patnaik, Assistant Professor, National University of Jurisdical Science, Kolkata
  • G.P. Madan, Advocate
  • Vimlesh Chaurasia, Risiko Consulting