Vinod Kothari

Vinod Kothari, a Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary has been practicing in the field of corporate laws and financial service for nearly 30 years. As a practitioner in company secretary profession, he has handled most complex issues that companies face in practice including mergers, acquisitions, contested takeovers, securitisation, corporate litigation, Insolvency and corporate debt restructuring etc.
Being internationally recognized as an author and consultant on specialized financial subjects, viz., securitisation, insolvency and corporate restructuring, credit derivatives, accounting for financial instruments, structured finance, banking regulations etc, he has given lectures all over the world on these subjects including New York, Washington, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Sydney, Colombia (South America), South Africa, Jordan etc.
He has Co-authored “Law Relating to Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016”, the highly referred book for insolvency matters in India.