IBBI & INSOL India International Conclave 2024

20 January, 2024 09AM to 05PM | Le - Meridien

Join us for the IBBI and INSOL India International Conclave 2024, a prestigious event taking place on Saturday, January 20, 2024, at the exquisite LE MERIDIEN NEW DELHI. 

This Conclave organized jointly by Insolvency Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) and INSOL India, sets the stage for path-breaking discussions on the ever-evolving space. A potentially insightful and engaging gathering of the best minds in the insolvency & stressed assets ecosystem in India and beyond.
The IBBI stands out as a distinctive regulatory authority, as it goes beyond the oversight of the insolvency profession and extends its purview to the intricate processes involved in insolvency and reorganization. This exceptional and comprehensive approach significantly enhances the effectiveness and equity of the insolvency framework, underlining its pivotal role in promoting a just and efficient system.
INSOL India, on the other hand, is a dynamic think-tank with a remarkable legacy spanning twenty-six years. Its primary mission is to continue playing a pivotal role in the ongoing evolution of the insolvency and stressed assets ecosystem in India. The organization has been instrumental in shaping a robust insolvency regime in the country, further accelerated by the recent comprehensive insolvency reforms. INSOL India's influence is strongly felt on both the national and international stages, where discussions on insolvency and related matters take centre stage. It has emerged as an influential voice in the global conversation surrounding insolvency and restructuring.
We eagerly anticipate your participation in the IBBI and INSOL India International Conclave 2024, scheduled for January 20, 2024. This event promises to be a platform, delve deeper into the nuances of insolvency regulations, assimilate the learnings from a rich vein of situations around the globe, chart out the next steps for the insolvency regime and explore potential alternatives to insolvency.
Explore unique regulatory perspectives, navigate the impact of insolvency reforms, and engage in meaningful conversations that shape the global insolvency arena. Our esteemed line-up of speakers hails from across the globe and India, each a eminent experts from around the world and India, who are the forefront of the insolvency & stressed assets space.
Make sure to mark your calendar for this significant event, as it's an excellent opportunity to be part of the discourse shaping the future of insolvency and financial restructuring in the region and globally. For sponsorship opporunities please connect at contact@insolindia.com and to view the detailed Conclave schedule.

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We look forward to welcoming you to IBBI & INSOL India International Conclave 2024.

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