Foundation Certificate Course in International Insolvency Law

01 September, 2023 | INSOL International

INSOL International, of which INSOL India is a member, offers Foundation Certificate Course in International Insolvency Law. The Foundation Certificate is a postgraduate certificate programme aimed at inexperienced or new entrants to the insolvency profession, especially in emerging markets and developing jurisdictions. While the course is open for anyone to register, please note that the Foundation Certificate course is suitable for persons with less than five years' experience. 

INSOL International aims to provide an affordable, easily accessible course for working practitioners that can be completed at a realistic pace with the use of modern technology. To this end, the course is presented entirely online and does not require registered candidates to travel anywhere in order to complete the course. This course was being presented for the first time in 2019/20. This course will be presented for the fifth time in 2023/24. 

Foundation Certificate Course
The Foundation Certificate course is presented in one-year cycles between 1 September and 31 August each year and can be completed in one year, or over the course of two years, should candidates wish to pace themselves in the completion of the course.

Registered candidates are required to complete eight modules in order to obtain the certificate, three of which are compulsory modules and five of which are elective modules. For the elective modules candidates can choose from 35 jurisdictions in five regions across the globe and one general module on Ethics and Professional Practice. The prescribed materials for each of the modules have been prepared by experts in practice and academia, reflecting a wide pool of specialized expertise.

Course Dates
The Foundation Certificate course for 2023/24 commences with enrolment on 1 May 2023, with the course formally commencing on 1 September 2023. Enrolments for the Foundation Certificate close on 28 August 2023

Member Discount
Please note that INSOL India members qualify for a 25% discount  on the course fee which is applied automatically at the time potential applicants apply online. However, please note that applicants have to have been members of INSOL India and INSOL International for at least a month in order to qualify for the discount. Full details regarding the course, the entry criteria and the course fee can be found in the attached Brochure.

Last Date of Registration
Enrolments for the Foundation Certificate for 2023/24 are open now. The deadline for applications for the course close on 28 August 2023.  Please note that NO late applications will be considered, no matter the circumstancesRegistration Form

The course formally commences on 1 September 2023.
For further information about the course, download the course brochure by clicking on the “Download the 2023/24 Foundation Certificate Course Brochure” button. Those interested in the course may also contact Sanrie Lawrenson, the Course Leader
In order to apply for a place on the course, Before applying, please first read the course brochure to ensure that you meet the entry criteria for the course.

Please note that if you are a member, you will be required to log in before accessing the course application page. If you are not a member, you will be required to register.

In case you are interested, please get registered under intimation to INSOL India Secretariat.

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