Capetown Convention & IBC, 2016

13 October, 2023 05PM to 06PM | Zoom

INSOL India is organizing an insightful online panel discussion on the highly significant topic of "Capetown Convention & IBC, 2016." This engaging event will feature eminent market participants and seasoned insolvency practitioners, providing valuable insights into the following key areas:
  1. Recent Developments in India's Aviation Industry: Explore the latest trends and developments in the Indian aviation sector, shedding light on its current state and future prospects.
  2. The Regulatory Response: Delve into the Indian government's landmark regulation concerning the Capetown Convention and its interaction with domestic insolvency laws. Understand how these regulations are shaping the landscape for aviation financing and insolvency proceedings.
  3. Impact for India: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the implications of these regulatory changes on the aviation industry, financial institutions, and insolvency practitioners operating in India. Discover how these changes may affect stakeholders and the broader economic context.

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