Khaitan & Co

As a 100-year-old heritage firm with a full-service offering, Khaitan & Co continues to service increasing needs of a broad spectrum of prominent corporate houses, multinationals, banks and institutions. Having extensively engaged with clients on either side of loans in the domestic and international markets, we have consistently built on our innate skills and experience at driving objective solutions around non-performing loans, optimally for diverse categories of stakeholders including banks, lenders, creditors, borrowers etc.


A successful debt restructuring warrants a good understanding of issues along the life cycle of loans and more critically the business itself. To deliver robust and comprehensive solutions, we have put together an inclusive team with expertise on regulatory, corporate, commercial, banking, finance, disputes, M&A and court matters, and further complemented that with sector domain experts to lend the specialist industry mindset that is so critical in driving restructuring solutions. We have worked on all evolving restructuring platforms over the last twenty-five years including SICA, DRT, CDR, SARFAESI, SDR, S4A, Bankruptcy Code etc, and for a variety of stakeholders and can well appreciate the individual drivers and predicaments.


One needs to appreciate that a consensus-driven approach presents a better chance of driving a sustainable debt restructuring. Our skills at driving value for clients on all sides of the table, gives us that edge in influencing solutions rather than simply running a process. A clear understanding of regulation and the appreciation of spirit behind laws, codes and judgments is integral to providing appropriate advice to clients either on advocacy or negotiating positions.


We help clients pre-empt likely issues and pro-actively initiate mitigation strategies to streamline and expedite the entire process of restructuring. Some of the critical hurdles we have experienced on behalf of clients include transfer of licenses and concessions, rogue creditors, takeover code and pricing, promoter classification, competition laws, stamp-duty etc.


Over the years, we have worked with of clients across sizes, industries and geographies on restructuring matters of varying complexities.