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INSOL India is a registered under the Societies Registration|
Act XXI of 1860
INSOL International New Delhi Seminar

Cross - border Insolvency and Restructuring

Saturday 23rd April, 2016

Inaugural Meeting - Friday 22nd April, 2016



1. Hon'ble Mr. Justice (Retd.) D. P. Wadhwa  
2. Hon'ble Mr. Justice A. K. Sikri  
3. Chief Justice Mr. Sanjay Kishen Kaul  
4. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Rajiv Shakhdher  
5. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Gurinder Singh Sistani  
6. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Manmohan  
7. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Jayant Nath  
8. Hon'ble Mr. Justice (Retd.) Manmohan Sarin  
9. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Mool Chand Garg  
10. Hon'ble Ms. Justice Gita Mittal  
11. Justice Deepa Sharma  
12. Mr. Amarjit Singh Chandhiok Senior Advocate
13. Mr. Sushil Dutt Salwan Advocate
14. Mr. Rupinder Singh Suri Senior Advocate
15. Mr. Sumant Batra Advocate
16. Ms. Maneesha Dhir Advocate
17. Mr. Ajay Verma Advocate
18. Mr. Sanjay Bhatt Advocate
19. Mr. Parag P Tripathi Senior Advocate
20. Mr. P. H. Parekh Senior Advocate
21. Mr. Rajiv Nayar Senior Advocate
22. Mr. Niraj Kishan Kaul Senior Advocate
23. Mr. Arvind K Nigam Senior Advocate
24. Ms. Mamta Binani Company Secretary
25. Mr. Dalip Mehra Advocate
26. Mr. Ajay K Jain Advocate
27. Mr. Alok Dhir Advocate
28. Ms. Sangeeta Bohra Advocate
29. Mr. Rajesh Bohra Advocate
30. Mr. V Shekhar Senior Advocate
31. Mr. Pavan Narang Advocate
32. Mr. N Balasubramanium Company Secretary
33. Dhawan & Co. Law Firm
34. Mr. Kewal Singh Ahuja Advocate
35. Mr. Sanjiv Gupta Chartered Accountant
36. Mr. K S Ravichandran Advocate
37. Mr. Rashpal Singh Sandhu Advocate
38. Mr. Anup Kumar Advocate
39. Commercial Law Chamber Law Firm
40. Mr. Kishore Soni & Co. Chartered Accountants
41. Ms. Amrita Sanghi Advocate
42. Mr. Rajiv Luthra Advocate
43. Ms. Charul Sarin Advocate
44. Mr. Gaurav Sarin Advocate
45. Mr. Gaurav Duggal Advocate
46. Mr. Dhananjay Kumar Advocate
47. Mr. Vivek Sibal Advocate
48. S. K.Jolly & Associates Law Firm
49. Integrated Capital Services Limited Financial Advisors
50. Ms. Jayashree Shukla Dasgupta Advocate
51. AZB & Partners Law Firm
52. Mr. Shyam Sharma Advocate
53. Mr. M. S. Oberoi Advocate
54. Mr. Darpan Wadhwa Advocate
55. Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh Advocate
56. Mr. Mohit Gupta Advocate
57. Divyanshu Pandey Advocate
58. Anuj Chawdhry Advocate
59. Mr. Anant Khandelwal Financial Advisor
1. Mr. Mukesh Thakkar Advocate
2. Mr. H. K. Jain Advocate
3. Mr. Nitin Dharma Advocate
4. Ms. Bilkish Suma Advocate